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The oyster, on everyone’s lips…

September 2015. I had my life pretty much on track when an oyster crossed my path and turned it upside down. It wasn’t its incredible taste (which it had), nor its firm and soft texture (which it also had), but the effect it produced on me and which has to do with that impulse we feel when we try something we love: wanting to share it with others. At that time, the oysters seemed to be destined for only a few chosen people in very expensive restaurants.

So I said to myself, why not take the oysters out of their golden cage and make them available to everyone? And I started selling them by the piece at affordable prices. Good product always ends up making room, so with passion and tenacity, I added to the shop and a la carte only products of the highest quality, we made a place for ourselves in the hearts and stomachs of Marbellis and visitors.

Our little corner

Since then, in my little corner of the Central Market in Marbella, I have taken away the image of the oyster as being stretched out, I have surrounded it with nice people who appreciate it for what it knows and not for what it is worth; I have paired it with the best wines and champagnes and accompanied it with other delicacies at its level.

The product

The oyster is still with us in our bar and physical shop, filling more and more customers and friends with joy and the taste of the sea, surrendering without remedy to its charms. And now, moreover, as the star of our new menu based on raw, marinated and fresh products and the undisputed queen of our online shop, from where I hope it will reach infinity and beyond.

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Will you join us on the trip?

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